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Buy MAB-CHMINACA Online MAB-CHMINACA which in the chemical nomenclature is also known as ADB-CHMINACA is an indazole-constituted synthetic designer cannabinoid and it is also considered to be a strong agonist for the CB1 receptor. MAD-CHMINACA exists in the form of neat solid and in 2015 it was identified in cannabinoid blends in Japan.


100g, 500g, 50g

5 reviews for Buy MAB-CHMINACA Online

  1. bravo

    The first 6 orders were flawless. Not an issue in sight. research was very successful. In the past 3 or 4 weeks, I have tried to order probably 9 times and all have been rejected. I have emailed their customer service site repeadedly and they refuse to reply yo any of my concern or to even give me the time of day. all I want is an explantation on how to pay you lots of money so for the love of god just email me back and tell me what to do.

    I will immediately delete this review if you can just do it for me and not treat me like a jerk in the process.

  2. steveo

    I’ve used Alpha premium quite a few times with no issues. Their current new product ap-238 is either a bad batch or something else completely. The ap-237 had great results in the lab. I have ordered 238 from another source & the results were similar to Alpha premium labs which leads me to believe that it is just a bad batch.

  3. Alexa

    Quality purity and quick shipping even during the pandemic. I’ve made an order a week during the last month and received all orders within 4-7 days. I am hoping that the 2-FDCK makes a return as it is superior quality compared to any thing shipped from overseas.

  4. Eddy

    ordered their MAB-CHMINACA and the stuff was great for my research. It also only took 4 days to get to me, but that was 2 weeks ago I guess before the delays. I just made another order for the same solution. Love these guys!

  5. Jefferson

    I’ve made 5 or more orders (too lazy to login and find out at the moment), and have had zero problems with any of them, other than USPS shipping one of my orders all the way to Anchorage Alaska, meaning that the order was late by two days. But that was the fault of the USPS shipping the package around 2,000 miles past its destination, not Alpha premium. And their customer service is also top notch. After emailing any questions, would always get a reply the next day.

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